Monday, May 17, 2010


Frightened of being perished!
Perish is all we made for
The time between
Pop up and pop off
Is all we have in hand
If life is affix
Door is still ajar
Why should waste time on thinking
Think of life
Think of existence
Think of making
Life a better affair

Half Crying Half Laughing

It rained along with sunshine
A scene I never saw before
Heavy drops fell on the mud
I heard the thud
But drops vanished
Sun rays dry the thirsty soil
Sun is not sipping water out of mud
But blood but soul
Mud is all thirsty again
Scorching sun is burning with glow
Brightening again with full dignity
And rain cannot last mighty suns glare

An Idea

An unkempt soul in a kempt body
A mismatch or a mix-'n-match
No heat in gaze that one can praise
But decked out so,
that can cause you ablaze
All is set like window displays
Creaseless, spotless, stainless attire
Smoky eyed and peach lips

Behind the scene is a murky pond
Tasteless, shoddy, shabby dreams
Unkempt, worn, sloppy ideas