Monday, May 17, 2010


Frightened of being perished!
Perish is all we made for
The time between
Pop up and pop off
Is all we have in hand
If life is affix
Door is still ajar
Why should waste time on thinking
Think of life
Think of existence
Think of making
Life a better affair

Half Crying Half Laughing

It rained along with sunshine
A scene I never saw before
Heavy drops fell on the mud
I heard the thud
But drops vanished
Sun rays dry the thirsty soil
Sun is not sipping water out of mud
But blood but soul
Mud is all thirsty again
Scorching sun is burning with glow
Brightening again with full dignity
And rain cannot last mighty suns glare

An Idea

An unkempt soul in a kempt body
A mismatch or a mix-'n-match
No heat in gaze that one can praise
But decked out so,
that can cause you ablaze
All is set like window displays
Creaseless, spotless, stainless attire
Smoky eyed and peach lips

Behind the scene is a murky pond
Tasteless, shoddy, shabby dreams
Unkempt, worn, sloppy ideas

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A teacher asked a student
To define life

The student had a knack
Of crafting new thoughts
Out of naught
He started to chant something like this


When yin sleeps
Yang wake-up
Yin yang yin

Together they fit
To form a whole

Opposite they are
But still seeking balance

Contrary but still
Not in opposition

Two aspects
Of a single truth

Rather than trying to replace each other
They transform into a single reality

The teacher listened
And got furious
Said with a sneer
I could not discern
Your babble your prattle
If you could yourself
Please mister nonsense!

The child turned crimson
But still had dare
He countered the teacher
By means of wit:
Life is a whole
With dual poles
If Yang is the light
Yin is the night
Yang bites yin
Yin bites yang
Both have to fleet
As they are on a flight
What then lasts!
Is yo-yo
So dear teacher
Am I not right?

Friday, January 22, 2010


Nimbus cloud penetrating the sky
ready to pelt on thirsty soul
Bleak eyes like barren land
Watching the sky for ready to yield
But a sudden sweep of harsh wind
Air out the rain clouds
Leaving naught but vigil eyes
The time is not yet came to bear

Islamic Calligraphy

At the End of Day

Lying on the bed
Surrounded by crowd
She tried hard but
Could only give a faint smile
A forced smile

Far away someone was calling
Her by name
Looking around
Faces got dimmed
Noise no longer heard
Crowd blurred

She closed her eyes
For eternity
One life ended
Another began

Islamic Calligraphy

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

flower power

Summer Breeze

Summer breeze-----a puff of air
Producing sounds like zoom……..swish……whiz
Branches brush and stems soar
Passing every ear some lore
Twisting, curling forming a tress
Showering each other with caress
Leaves singing mellow song
Every object is dancing along
Giddy brunches glide and glide
On every move they mutually collide
Every bird seems at ease
Conveying messages of love and peace
Chirping, flying and dancing on a tune
Everyone feel boon
Moving back n forth with glee
Nothing can be more beautiful to see

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year

Each New Year is marked by hopes
Aspirations and faith for a new dawn
Prospects of change
And sanguinity strong
Hopes and hopes for the days to come
Wishes and wishes for the months to go

But this year is marked by horrid cold
It sounds someone has put an ice
On emotions, feelings,
Sentiments and sensations
A chill that lies somewhere within
Desires died and smiles faded

But still
I have dreamt of a peaceful world
Where no one can snatch morsel and crumb
Where humankind is in reality kind
Where slaying is not a pastime sport
Where parity rules and biases decline

Life is Like That

For years and years I lived in trance
Treating life like a fairy dance
Worries and pain seemed far-off
Looking at others sores with scoff
Fear of loss never meant at all
Similar emotions from spring to fall
Then bit by bit and moment by moment
Trance broken, stupor end
Fears of loss paved the days
Sting of memories filled the nights
Those gone never returned
Leaving thoughts of bygone days

islamic calligraphy